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What is a Ringsulator® ?

On hot days, standard beverage cups do not keep drinks cold and drip with condensation. Our patented Ringsulator® Beverage Cup Insulator is placed between two cups, creating an insulating air gap to allows drink to stay cold longer. The function of Ringsulator® is to minimize heat transfer between your beverage and the surroundings. Insulation = resistance to heat transfer Higher insulation = less heat transfer. Air is a great insulator! Ringsulator® is small, lightweight, foldable into one's pocket and reusable and customizable. The perfect promotional product to allow patrons to remember your social event.

Ringsulator® is the perfect promotional product to allow patrons to benefit from cold drinks during your event and remember your social event once they leave. Examples of events that can benefit from Ringsulator® are: Sports Stadiums & Arenas, Bars & Restaurants, Social Districts, Music Festivals, Zoos & Theme Parks, Weddings, Graduation Open Houses, Fraternity / Sorority Events, Birthday Parties, and Picnics & BBQ’s. Ringsulator® can be personalized with color, embossed text, or pad printing enabling branding for venues, sponsors, or organizers of event. Ringsulator® is patented (U.S. Patent No. 9,585,501 B1 ). It is Small and portable; it fits in your pocket. There is nothing else like it on the market.


Our Story

Rob and Andy Surge_edited.jpg

The Ringsulator® was invented here in the U.S. in Holland, Michigan by Rob Hamelink and Andrew Ruiter. This patented and trademarked product is injection molded and locally screen printed in West Michigan. 

Initial prototypes were made with hand carved foam molds for proof of concept. In summer of 2021, 3D printed molds and hand-injected silicones were used for a product launch at Surge, a West Michigan Entrepreneurial showcase event in Holland, Michigan. Seventy-five Ringsulators® were given out with the Surge logo embossed, and the response was overall very positive. People liked how simple it was, how it used already available materials, and that it actually worked. 

Now, in summer 2022, a tool was made to injection mold parts. This allows for much higher production numbers, better materials, and better overall quality of product. The team has also started working with local screen printers for custom screens for marketing events. 

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