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See below for some exciting news about Ringsulator!


PPAI Expo 2023

Ringsulator was introduced as a new product at the PPAI Expo in Vegas January 2023. The PPIA Expo showcases thousands of promotional products and serves as a launch pad for new products. This year's Product Pavilion featured products made in USA and also green products. We made some great connections and had a great time interacting with supplier and distributors.

Feature in Promo Marketing Magazine article "Live from PPAI Expo: Our 10 Favorite New Products from the Show Floor"

Ringsulator was number 10 in their list. They wrote: "Writing your name in sharpie on a plastic cup is so uncivilized. With this product you not only keep track of your drink, you can keep your beverage cold. Plus, your clients' logos stay visible the whole time."

See the full article here.

ppia top 10.jpg

Featured in Empowered Inventing TV

Empowered Inventing did a video feature on Ringsulator entitled "Can You Invent a New Way to Do an Old Thing?" In the video, Don highlights the Ringsulator story to show how we started small and collected feedback in order to make a new way to do insulated cups.

Feature in PPIA Media article "Distributors Share Their Favorites From The Product Pavilion"

They wrote that the Ringsulator was among the most interesting new products to distributers. They said, "The small, branded ring essentially allows the end user to stack two plastic solo cups, creating an additional layer of insulation that keeps cups colder for longer and avoids condensation. “It’s kind of a brilliant concept because the cups you use them with are readily available and affordable,” says Stanley Appleman, president of Get Smart Promotions." Read the full article here.

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